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Panoramic lamp 360 degree monitoring
Applicable to hotel lobby, office, mall, shop, living room and other places
1.Convenience: Mobile phone can be remotely controlled, white light on or off
2.Large field of vision, no dead angle: panoramic perspective, without the need for a platform, break through the limitation of the traditional camera visual range (about 100), achieve panoramic picture centralized display.
3. Acousto-optic alarm, cloud push: When the device detects obvious changes in the monitoring screen, it will trigger the device alarm and push it to the mobile phone to remind you to pay attention to the scene screen in time.
4. A clearer 1080P: 2 million pixels, with overall resolution improvement, will give you a clearer visual experience.
5. High-quality, two-way voice calls: noise-reducing microphone, 360 degree surrounded by clear voice collection, no matter when and where, there is no distance to communicate.
6.Mobile remote monitoring: support mobile remote video monitoring, support OS system, Android: system.


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Wireless Camera 360 Degree Panoramic Wifi Mobile Phone Remote Camera

18,000.0022,000.00 (-18%)

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