Panasonic Split Type Air Condition Ac Split (2HP AC)

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Colour White
Brand Panasonic
AC Types Split AC


Look no further than Panasonic for a range of intelligent air-conditioning solutions to suit any home, office or business environment. From energy-saving features, to super-quiet models, or air conditioners that actively promote cleaner, healthier air, Panasonic have worked out all the smartest ways to heat and cool your world.

This state of the art Panasonic Split Super Air Conditioning system is great for both home and office. It has a range of air purifying features that help you to make your spaces comfortable.

Whether you want to amp up the cool air during the hot season, or create more of an ambient temperature during the rainy season, this split system gives you the tools to keep your rooms at a temperature that is perfect for you.

Panasonic Air Conditioners now feature ECONAVI sensors to moderate the temperature according to room usage. This smart technology senses when there are people in the room and how much activity is occurring, then automatically adjusts the temperature accordingly so that less energy is used.

For optimum energy saving, the area search mode uses sensors that can detect activity in the room and direct cooling to the occupied area. The low activity detection mode monitors the room, decreasing cooling when there is less movement, while the absence detection


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Panasonic Split Type Air Condition Ac Split (2HP AC)

220,000.00350,000.00 (-37%)

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