Haier Thermocool Ac Split Cool 1.5hp 12tesn-02 White


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Colour Silver
Brand Haier Thermocool
AC Types Split AC



The Haier Thermocool Supercool Premium Air Conditioner, Split Unit pairs professionalism comes with functionality to provide excellent performance for a number of circumstances. With the Turbo cooling function, you enjoy immediate comfort with cooling efficiency and a long distance air supplying.


Turbo Plus Cooling

Haier THERMOCOOL Turbo Cooling function cools 40% faster within the first 60 minutes of operation, which provides you with comfort in the shortest amount of time and saves considerable energy for you.

In Built Voltage Protection

This feature will protect the unit from power fluctuations, phase reversal, single phasing, giving unit a longer life span and better performance.

Odour Neutraliser
Healthy air function helps provide clean air by getting rid of unpleasant odours, providing you and your loved ones with clean fresh air.

Healthy Dehumidification
This function helps remove the excess humidity in the air, thereby creating a healthier environment for you and your loved ones

Healthy Intelligent Air Function
With cutting-edge technology, the air flow can be easily adjusted not to blow directly to the human body, which in turn provides healthier airflow and uniform cooling for your space..

Turbo Cooling

Thanks to the more efficient performance of this air conditioner which is increased by 47%, cooling happens fasters and you feel immediate comfort. This feature means you can have the fan of your AC work at full speed.


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Haier Thermocool Ac Split Cool 1.5hp 12tesn-02 White


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