• BLUE GATE 2 kVA 24V Pure Sine Wave Inverter

    Brand BLUE GATE

    This 2kva 24V pure sine wave inverter uses minimum of 2 batteries, and batteries are to be added in pairs, it is a very good device.

    it can power:

    • table top fridge
    • washing machine(no heater)
    • blender
    • tv
    • dstv
    • fans
    • lights
    • laptops
    • phones

    it has benefits ike:

    • no noise
    • no smoke
    • no oil
    • no petrol
    • no diesel
    • no maintenance
  • iPowerPlus 10kva 48v Solar Hybrid Inverter

    Brand iPowerPlus
    Warranty Period 1 Year

    The I-Power 10KVA/48V hybrid Inverter has a inbuilt  MPPT Solar Charge Controller. It outputs 240V pure sine wave. It is well shielded from short-circuits and overload complications with automated tripping off when the batteries get to the threshold. It is a hybrid system with an in-built solar charge controller that has a complementary in-built cooling system comprising of heat zinc and fans


    iPowerPlus 10kva 48v Solar Hybrid Inverter

  • iPowerPlus 1kva 12v Inverter Installation

    Brand iPowerPlus
    Warranty Period 1 Year

    SmartPOWERFIX is an engineering firm that undertakes the design, supply, installation and maintenance of renewable energy,Since 2002 with proven track records. For safe, efficient and professional SOLAR & INVERTER installations, We have HIGH QUALITY PURE SINE WAVE KOREAN, INDIAN AND AMERICAN INVERTERS WITH SOLAR MODULES across THE NATION at competitive prices with 5YEARS WARRANTY and 24/7 after-sales-services.

    Estimated load capacity:
    10Lighting Points × 5watts
    DSTV Decoder
    2 LED T.V
    Music System
    Equivalent loads.
    1(NEXUS) 12v 200ah batteries
    Pure sine wave inverter: 25kg
    Battery (12v 200ah): 65kg
    Inverter warranty 1year
    Battery warranty 18months 3 – 5years lifespan.
    Extra charges applies for installation outside lagos and ogun state.
    Backup Period: This will give you 24hrs constant power supply on full load. Installation fee Includes: DELIVERY, CABLING, TRUNKING, Inbuilt SURGE PROTECTOR & BATTERY RACK, etc


    iPowerPlus 1kva 12v Inverter Installation

  • QASA Solar Power Generator – Qpg-500 & Qsp-100w18

    Brand QASA

    Here we introduce QASA new product, which is called “SOLAR/PHCN POWERED GENERATOR” with Model No. QPG-500 & QSP-100W18. It integrates Inverter, Stabilizer, UPS, Battery and it’s all in one. All you need do is Plug and Play, you don’t need any installation or engineering works. It generates pure sine wave electricity to carry any electronics and home appliance less than 300W, such as lights, TV, setup box, audio, electric fan, blender, fridge 100L, computer, medical and life support equipments. It’s portable and mobile. Also, it can be moved around different rooms in your house, or warehouse, even in hospitals. It supplies a clean and quiet energy for emergency use. It’s rechargeable. When it’s not in use, it can be connected to solar panel in day time to get free recharging or it could be connected to PHCN Power Supply for a quick recharging. It’s very unique, durable and affordable.

  • iPowerPlus 5kva/48v Hybrid Inverter

    Brand iPowerPlus
    Warranty Period 1 Year

    The iPowerPlus 5KVA/48runs on a pure sine wave technology. It is well shielded from short-circuits and overload complications with automated tripping off when the batteries get to the threshold. It is a hybrid system with an in-built solar charge controller that has a complementary in-built cooling system comprising of heat sink and fans.


    The iPowerPlus 5KVA/48V is compatible with both mains voltage and generator power. It interfaces with the utility electricity in the home to provide power through solar panels and seamlessly resolve any power interruptions that may occur.

    It includes other features such as:

    A smart battery charger that optimizes battery performance
    Selectable charging current depending on the applications
    Selectable input voltage range
    Configurable solar/AC input priority
    Auto restart while AC recovers
    A perfect alarming system
    We must point out that the transition from mains to the generator and vice versa is very seamless and usually occurs without you even noticing it except you are close by the inverter.

    The IPowerPlus 5kVA/48V has an in-built 4000W (max) MPPT solar charger.


    iPowerPlus 5kva/48v Hybrid Inverter

  • Mercury 5KVA Spirit Plus Solar Hybrid Inverter Charge Controller

    Brand Mercury
    Warranty Period 1 Year

    Mercury 5kva Spirit Plus Solar Hybrid Inverter Charge Controller

    Pure Sine Wave stand alone hybrid inverter system combining the functions of inverter, solar and AC  charger, provides a long run time uninterruptible power supply.  5KVA/5KW PF 1.0 48VDC with 80A MPPT Solar Charge Controller

    Inverter Mode
    Rated Power : 5KVA/5.0KW

    DC Input :   48Vdc, 114A

    AC Output:  230Vac, 50/60Hz, 21.7A

    AC Charger Mode
    AC Input :220 240Vac, 50/60Hz, 31.6A

    DC Output : 54.8Vac,  35A/ 15A

    AC Output : 230Vac, 50/ 60Hz, 21.7A

    Solar Charger Mode
    Max Charger Current 80A

    System DC Voltage Range  48Vdc

    Operating Voltage Range : 60  – 150Vdc

    PV Optimal Work Voltage Range : 70 – 145 Vdc

    Max Solar Voltage (VOC) : 150Vdc

    Max PV Input Current : 40A

  • BLUE GATE 5.5kva (5500kva) / 24v Inverter

    Features of  BlueGate 5.5KVA/24V Inverter:

    • Pure Sine Wave Technology
    • Ensures quality power delivery to keep your equipment safe
    • Control Offers boost for high performance
    • Extended backup
    • 8ms Typical Transfer Time Between Utility & Battery

    BLUE GATE 5.5kva (5500kva) / 24v Inverter

  • BLUE GATE 3.5KVA Inverter

    Durable and Reliable Microprocessor based Inverter/Charger
    Ultra Clean pure sine wave output with less than 5% Total Harmonic Distortion
    Suitable for all types of load like Resistive, Inductive and Rectified Load
    User friendly Digital Display/Interface
    Powerful 300% surge power
    Low sleep mode power consumption of less than 5W
    Phase & Frequency synchronization auto-tracing for seamless transfer time
    Programmable larger current , three stage battery charger
    Long backup time up to 10hours (based on the battery bank and loads)
    Easy to install and maintain


    BLUE GATE 3.5KVA Inverter

  • iPowerPlus Ascend 2KVA/24V Inverter


    Selectable input voltage ranges, charging current setting

    Auto restart when AC recovery

    User-friendly LCD and LED indications with setting function

    Environmental Temperature control charge management

    Rack design & wall mounted design for flexible installation

    Intelligent 3-stage charger control for efficient charging and preventing overcharge

    Multiple protection: Low battery alarm, Low battery shutdown, overcharge protection, overload protection, over temperature protection, short circuit protection

    Fan speed automatic adjust, Low noise

    Battery Cut off point setting

    Buzzer alarm ON/OFF setting


    iPowerPlus Ascend 2KVA/24V Inverter

  • Quick H+ Hybrid Solar Inverter – 2.4 Kva/24v

    QUICK H+ Inverters are modified sine wave inverters with no transformer which makes them light weighted. They are suitable for lightings, Fans, Phones and a TV. Furthermore,  the hybrid power module enables you to charge your inverter batteries either with the utility, generator or a solar panel because it has an inbuilt solar charger controller that allows you to plug a solar panel (PV) directly.


    • Sensitive Mode Selection (UPS mode or  Inverter mode)

    • 10A / 20A selectale AC charging current

    • Off mode charging function

    • Multiple installation options: Can be horizontal, vertical or  wall mounted

    • Surge, Overload, Short circuit, Over temperature, Overcharging Protection

    • Generators & Utility Power compatible

    • With inbuilt PWM charge controller

  • Mercury Inverter – 12v/1.2kva

    Brand Mercury
    Warranty Period 1 Year

    The Mercury 1.2kva inverter is a trusted product in use in Nigeria. It is cheap, durable, long lasting and comes with good technical support. Mercury Service Centers are available across the country, providing quick and highly professional support and after sales service to users of the products. Each product comes with 12 months manufacturer’s warranty. The 1.2 kva model provides power back up for household and perhaps small office use during public power supply outage. It requires the use of a single 12v 100ah or 200ah battery as input voltage to provide a modified sine wave suitable for the use of all appliances and electronic devices at home.


    Capacity 1200Kva/720W

    Input Voltage 90 – 280V AC

    Frequency Range 50/60Hz (Auto sensing)

    Output AC voltage 230AC ± 10%

    Frequency Range (Battery Mode) 50/60Hz ± 1Hz

    Transfer Time 20ms

    Wave Form Simulated Sine Wave

    Battery Voltage 12V

    Charging Current 10A/20A


    Low battery alarm, low battery shutdown, over charge protection, overload protection,

    over-temperature, short circuit protection

    Dimension (mm)            310x239x93


    Mercury Inverter – 12v/1.2kva


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