• Universal Modem + Havit Wireless Mouse +Bendable USB LED & Otg connect kit

    HSDPA 1 Universal Modem For All Nigeria Network 3G/4G With Card Reader Slot +1 Bendable USB LED Light + 1 Havit Optical Wireless Mouse For Laptops, Desktop Computers.RANDOM COLOR and 1 OTG connect kit

    HSDPA Universal Modem For All Nigeria Network 3G/4G With Card Reader Slot

    In this computer age of ours, there is a constant need to always stay connected to the internet because information they say is power‎.‎ With this great HSDPA USB Modem‎,‎ you can have unlimited access to the internet‎.‎ Check your mails‎,‎ send new messages‎,‎ and shop online with superfast speed using the HSDPA USB Modem‎.‎ It has been designed to work with any network providers in Nigeria(ie Mtn, Glo, Etisalat,Airtel etc ) so you are not limited in that regard‎.‎ It works with any data enabled SIM card so you can easily switch from one to another‎.‎ Ensure you never miss an important information by getting this efficient HSDPA USB Modem‎.‎


    This 2.4 G wireless mouse is ideal for all desktop and laptop computer. its effective working distance of up to 8 meters can reduce the interference with other wireless mouse. It is more accurately positioned to meet the need of game players. It has adjustable resolution feature: 1000- 1600dPI with an Intelligent connectivity. Just plug, play and enjoy!

    Bendable USB LED Light 

    A USB light to see your laptop keyboards during blackouts.

    OTG connect kit

    • Work with flash disk / Reader
    •   Work with card reader
    •   Work with mouse and keyboard
    •   Compatible with tablets and smartphone with micro-USB ports

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