• Ox 25inch Short Blade Ceiling Fan


    • The OX 25inch short blade ceiling fan is both fashionable and durable
    • Its unique brown colour and gold design makes it beautiful in any environment
    • 100% copper coil
    • It has a regulating speed of 5
    • universally acceptable
    • Durable & fashionable
    • 230v/50hz
    • Incredible Wind Power
    • Gorgeous Design
    • Amazing Durability
    • Design to perfection
    • Good in small and large spaces



    Ox 25inch Short Blade Ceiling Fan

  • Ox 18″ Plus Standing Fan

    Ox plus standing Fan is unique and durable. Ox 18″ plus Standing Fan is a suitable home and office appliance for achieving a relaxed and comfortable environment. It comes with nice features to give you the best cooling experience. Adjust the height of the fan to your desired angle for a better cooling effect or you can position it to a particular area. Its 3-speed selector lets you have absolute control over the fan by regulating how fast the blades rotate. It has a sturdy base which gives it solid stability and ensures it does not tilt. The blades of the fan are made from rust-resistant material which guarantees long-lasting use. The high efficient blades of the Ox Industrial Stand Fan lets you cool your body temperature in an instant. It has a silent operation so you can use it anywhere whether you are in the office working or at home trying to rest. With this standing fan, you get flexibility, high-speed cooling, and low noise operation. It can be used in any area of your homes like the living room, dining room, and bedroom so long as there is a power outlet close by. It is made from durable materials so it will conveniently serve you for a long period of time. Turn to this standing fan from OX after a stressful day for maximum comfort. Detail: Standing Fan High-efficiency blades Silent and breezy Elegant Swivel and height adjustment. 100% copper coil.

    • Top class quality
    • Advanced technology
    • Stylish design
    • Adjustable Pipe
    • Rust free guard

    Ox 18″ Plus Standing Fan


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