• Mercury 2.4kva 24V Solar Kit With 2 Of 200watts Solar And 2 Of 100amps Batteries

    A complete solar kit with everything needed to produce free and clean power from the sun. Perfect for homes, cabins, backup power and remote power use.

    This kit contains:

    – Two 200watts  solar panels
    – 2.4KVA inverter
    – 20-AMP solar charge controller
    – Two 12V 100AH deep cycle battery
    – 2pcs of battery cables ( 1 pcs positive cable and 1 pcs negative
    – Cable for connecting the inverter to 24V)

    This kit can power all your electrical household appliances such as:

    -LCD TV
    -Music systems

    Customers are advised to plug the inverter to a stabiliser or power surge protector to prevent damage from incoming high voltage.

  • Mercury Elite Pro Line Interactive Ups – 1500va

    Mercury Elite 1500 PRO Line Interactive UPS

    • Auto-restart
    • Built-in AVR
    • Surge protection
    • Dataline protection
    • Overload protection
    • Overcharge protection
    • Short circuit protection
    • Intelligent battery management
    • Battery deep discharge protection

    Input Voltage 220VAC
    Input Frequency 50Hz
    Input Phase Single Phase
    PowerCord Built-in Cable with Fuse
    Input Voltage Range(May vary as per Country requirement) 140~300VAC

  • Mercury 3KVA Online UPS – Single Phase

    Mercury Online double-conversion UPS defends mission-critical servers, networking or telecommunications equipment from blackouts, brownouts, voltage fluctuations and surges.


    • Application: Small network, servers and other IT equipment • High frequency and double conversion on-line technology • Fully digitized microprocessor control • Wide input voltage range • LCD display • UPS startup without battery • Cold start • Advanced battery management • Automatic battery charge in UPS off mode • Lightning and surge protection • Short circuit and overload protection • Fan speed auto control when loads vary • Network/Fax/Modem surge protection • Optional extension battery pack • Battery voltage display • Load capacity display • EMI/RFI noise filter • Smart RS232 communication with monitoring software • Optional SNMP Card slot • EPO function(optional) • Input L and N reversed alarm function

    Mercury 3KVA Online UPS – Single Phase

  • Mercury 650 kVA UPS

    Brand Mercury

    Mercury Elite 650VA UPS will give you uninterrupted power supply anytime you need it‎.‎ It is your perfect backup in the events of power cut‎.‎ When there is a power outage‎,‎ this UPS automatically switches over‎;‎ you won‎’‎t experience any form of interruption‎.‎ This Elite UPS comes with a surge protector that will ensure all the appliances connected to it are fully protected‎.‎ There are some appliances and devices that needs to work non‎-stop‎.‎ This UPS will ensure nothing comes between you‎,‎ your work and fun‎,‎ not even a power outage‎.‎ It has a backup time of 10‎-18mins‎.‎


    Mercury Elite 650VA UPS has an intelligent battery management system for optimal performance‎.‎ It has an energy saving function and it is environmentally friendly‎.‎ When in operation the UPS does not no harmful substances into the immediate environment‎.‎ The UPS has a load capacity for your different home appliances like TV‎,‎ Home Theater systems and other appliances‎.‎ It is compatible with generators which means it will charge when the power supply is from a generating set‎.‎ All your appliances and the UPS is well protected from short circuit and overload‎.‎


    Mercury 650 kVA UPS

  • Mercury 5KVA Spirit Plus Solar Hybrid Inverter Charge Controller

    Brand Mercury
    Warranty Period 1 Year

    Mercury 5kva Spirit Plus Solar Hybrid Inverter Charge Controller

    Pure Sine Wave stand alone hybrid inverter system combining the functions of inverter, solar and AC  charger, provides a long run time uninterruptible power supply.  5KVA/5KW PF 1.0 48VDC with 80A MPPT Solar Charge Controller

    Inverter Mode
    Rated Power : 5KVA/5.0KW

    DC Input :   48Vdc, 114A

    AC Output:  230Vac, 50/60Hz, 21.7A

    AC Charger Mode
    AC Input :220 240Vac, 50/60Hz, 31.6A

    DC Output : 54.8Vac,  35A/ 15A

    AC Output : 230Vac, 50/ 60Hz, 21.7A

    Solar Charger Mode
    Max Charger Current 80A

    System DC Voltage Range  48Vdc

    Operating Voltage Range : 60  – 150Vdc

    PV Optimal Work Voltage Range : 70 – 145 Vdc

    Max Solar Voltage (VOC) : 150Vdc

    Max PV Input Current : 40A

  • Mercury Inverter – 12v/1.2kva

    Brand Mercury
    Warranty Period 1 Year

    The Mercury 1.2kva inverter is a trusted product in use in Nigeria. It is cheap, durable, long lasting and comes with good technical support. Mercury Service Centers are available across the country, providing quick and highly professional support and after sales service to users of the products. Each product comes with 12 months manufacturer’s warranty. The 1.2 kva model provides power back up for household and perhaps small office use during public power supply outage. It requires the use of a single 12v 100ah or 200ah battery as input voltage to provide a modified sine wave suitable for the use of all appliances and electronic devices at home.


    Capacity 1200Kva/720W

    Input Voltage 90 – 280V AC

    Frequency Range 50/60Hz (Auto sensing)

    Output AC voltage 230AC ± 10%

    Frequency Range (Battery Mode) 50/60Hz ± 1Hz

    Transfer Time 20ms

    Wave Form Simulated Sine Wave

    Battery Voltage 12V

    Charging Current 10A/20A


    Low battery alarm, low battery shutdown, over charge protection, overload protection,

    over-temperature, short circuit protection

    Dimension (mm)            310x239x93


    Mercury Inverter – 12v/1.2kva

  • Mercury Elite 1500 Pro Ups

    Mercury Elite 1500 Pro UPS has been designed to allow for prolonged use of the electrical devices in your home and office. It also offers protection from fluctuating current and unsteady voltage. It can be used with computers, printers, televisions, refrigerators and more. Integrating this UPS with your electronics will ensure they last their intended lifespan. The Mercury Elite 1500 Pro UPS is compactly built which means limited amount of space will be taken up wherever it is used. The power supplied by some generators are unsteady so it would do you good to use this efficient UPS with your electronic devices. It has intelligent battery management system which ensures it powers devices for longer.

    Mercury Elite 1500 Pro UPS has short circuit protection which makes it ideal for protecting a wide range of devices. Additionally, it has over-discharge protection which safeguards its internal battery. Every home and office needs this dependable UPS to combat erratic power supply. Constant cutting of power can have an adverse effect on your electrical devices hence the need for the Mercury Elite 1500 Pro UPS. Using it with your computer will give you the time to save your work and shutdown properly. There is no form of installation required before it can be used and it has a simple operation.

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