• Elepaq 1.8kva Gnerator Ele3200s

    Elepaq generator ele3200s….. – 1.8kva is rugged by its look and action it is manufactured to work for long hours non-stop it is capable of carrying a house or flat of up to six room and sitting room it is easy to start and have a semi silent noise level does not consume much fuel this a generator am sure you will really enjoy.

    Specification;-rated volts ;- 220v -240vstarting watts:-  1800 watts running watts:-  1500 watt alternator:- brushless, self exciting, synchronous, 2 polyphase:- single phase starting system:-  recoil ( with rope only)fuel capacity;- 5.5 liters. Engine:- 4-stroke, single cylinder, ohv, air cooled 100% copper wire used thereby given full current when carrying full load run time per tank full at 50% load ;-9 hours (this product also comes with a football gift inside of it)


    Elepaq 1.8kva Gnerator Ele3200s

  • Elepaq 4.5kva Manual Start Generator

    Brand Elepaq
    Fuel Type Petrol


    This ELEPAQ Generator is exactly what you need in your home and office to guarantee stable power supply. It features an electric and recoil starting system which does not give any form of hassle when you want to start the generator. It has a simple operation and can power most of your home appliances and electronics. It features a single cylinder, 4 stroke and sufficient engine power which makes it capable of handling most of your household appliances and more. It features a voltage regulator which offers superior protection to your appliances; this makes it a very reliable generator to have. For stable and uninterrupted power supply in your home and office, turn to the ELEPAQ Generator. It features an impressive 15 Litre fuel tank which ensures longer hours of power. It is also energy efficient so fuel is not consumed rapidly. It has a portable build which ensures it does not take up a considerably amount of space wherever it is intended to be used.


    Elepaq 4.5kva Manual Start Generator

  • Elepaq 1.3 KVA Generator – ECO2020S

    Brand Elepaq
    Fuel Type Petrol

    Model: ECO2020S

    Brand: Elepaq

    AC Frequency: 50 Hz

    Starting Capacity: 1.3KVA

    Running Capacity: 1.2KVA

    Alternator Type: Brushless, self exciting, synchronous, 2-pole, 100% Copper Enameled Wire

    Voltage Regulation: 220V

    Phase: Single Phase

    Engine Type: SFE156F, Max 3.8HP, 4-stroke single cylinder, OHV, air cooled

    DC Output (HP/ KW): 12V/8.3A

    Starting System: Recoil (Manual)

    Fuel: Petrol

    Fuel Tank Capacity: 8L

    Noise Level @ 7 Meters: 67 dB

    Dimensions (LxWxH): 485*385*425

    Weight: 28 KG


    Elepaq 1.3 KVA Generator – ECO2020S

  • Elepaq Generator – 1.3KVA – Sv2200

    Brand Elepaq
    Fuel Type Petrol


    • AC Output : 220V 1.3kva max. / 1.0kva rated
    • DC Output: 12V/8.3A
    • Phase No. : Single Phase
    • Engine GX90,Max 2.8HP,4-stroke single cylinder, OHV, air cooled
    • Alternator brushless electric machine, synchronous,2-pole,100% Copper Enamelled Wire
    • Starting System Recoil
    • Fuel Tank Capacity: 6.0L
    • Fuel : Petrol
    • Run Time per Tankful 7Hrs@75%Load
    • Dimensions (L x W x H) 460*380*330
    • Noise Level@ 7 Meters 66dB
    • Weight : 26.5

    Elepaq Generator – 1.3KVA – Sv2200


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